5 Diwali Lighting Ideas To Make Your Home Shine!

5 Diwali Lighting Ideas To Make Your Home Shine!

Diwali light decorations

The festival of lights provides a captivating view outside our windows, filled with beautiful lights and fireworks. Along with this, there are many things to do at home. So, this Diwali, let us help you light up your living space with our top fun and easy Diwali light decoration ideas.

Beautiful Diwali Lights for the Balcony

Have a plain and boring balcony? It’s time to adorn it with Diwali light decorations. Set up those fairy lights you’ve been keeping in your attic. Take a look at this balcony; it’s beautifully decorated with fairy lights from top to bottom, creating a light parade.

It is a great way to decorate a balcony space. Cut out birds and stars and string them together to make your own chime to decorate your balcony for Diwali.

Diwali Lighting Designs And Floating Diyas

If you want a Diwali lighting idea that stands out from the crowd, this is it. Drop-down decorative pendant lights in the shape of a globe light up the space in style in this living room. Fairy lights hung from the large bay windows sparkle in their own right. The centerpieces are copper bowls that are filled with red rose petals and floating diyas.

What about a candle-lit delight as Diwali Home Lighting Ideas?

Remember all those candles you got for Christmas and put away in boxes? It’s about time to light those candles. Decorate your home with candles this Diwali. If you enjoy scented candles, you can use a variety of them.

Diwali Lights With Lanterns, Petals, And Candles

A one-of-a-kind Diwali light decoration can steel the show. It’s tastefully decorated with a variety of glass and copper lanterns that add an antique yet festive look to your home. Rose petals have been scattered about to create a fresh yet vibrant atmosphere. Candles in small glasses have been placed on the table, giving the Diwali celebrations an elegant appearance.

A Table Makeover Featuring Diwali Light Decorations

Do you have a coffee table out in the open? Decorate it with candles, oil lamps, and copper/silver bowls. Place the copper/silver bowl on the table and fill it with colorful flower petals. Allow tea light candles or small diyas to float in the bowl of water. 

Now onto the next! Surround your coffee table with medium-sized diyas. This simple decoration will look great and won’t take up much of your time.

Use these simple Diwali light decoration ideas for your home this Diwali to add some light, love, and a festive vibe to your space. Do you want to make #MoreRoomForCelebration?

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