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Education system in India: Changes observed in last few decades!

Education System

The continuous changes have increased the complexity of today’s world, increasing the new challenges of the education system.  

The need to alter and enhance student preparation for effective functioning in the constantly changing. Therefore, the highly demanding environment has typically gained more attention. It is vital to consider the complexity of the educational system,  also the wide range of issues that need to be solved while studying this subject.

No straightforward, uniform strategy can be used to improve the system significantly.

As we think about these issues, we become more aware of the various ways that concepts and techniques from the study of complex systems. This can be used to provide direction and strategies for introducing workable and successful changes. 

In situations like the education system, simple solutions are unlikely to be successful. Instead, providing a balance or allowing what appear to be opposites to coexist may offer the best chances for beneficial courses of action.

Indian Education System Changes in the Last Ten Years

  • The Replacement of Chalk Boards with Smart Screens 

Recall the days when teachers would write important notes on the chalkboard and then rub them to prepare for the following topic. You were trying to keep up with that speed to ensure nothing was missed. If it were, you would ask your spouse and your friends to receive the one important detail you forgot.

The introduction of smart classrooms was to blame. These are technology-driven smart boards with comprehensive descriptions of all the lectures and concepts that can be downloaded anytime.

  • Online Courses

The private sector’s usage of technology gave rise to online courses. Players like Byjus, Toppr, and Embibe adopted this technology in the early half of this decade. They showed how online education could be an effective instrument to personalise education while simultaneously resolving the problem of providing excellent education to people.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the significance of online education changed dramatically, and it is now the cornerstone of education in the ongoing COVID issue.

  • Free Availability of Content

The free Availability of Content is one of the main changes in the last ten years. There is free content available for all the courses on various YouTube channels.

The Ministry of Education, NCERT, CBSE, and other governmental organisations have made educational materials freely accessible to everyone. Efforts like online NCERT Books and Educational TV Channels started to offer professional content to everyone without charge.

  • Short-term skill-based online courses

This is another noteworthy development, where elite educational institutions use online platforms to offer skill-based online courses at a sliver of the price that was charged previously. Additionally, the market acknowledges these skills, assisting students in enrolling in these skill-based courses and entering the job market.

How the changes in the Indian education system have influenced new educational policy

The New Education Policy 2020 has embraced the changes in the Indian Educational System over the past ten years. Additionally, NEP 2020 has implemented ground-breaking innovations that will alter the nation’s educational environment and restore India’s position as a global leader in education.

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