Make your home monsoon ready with modern home decor ideas!

Make your home monsoon ready with modern home decor ideas!

Modern home decor

The monsoon season is the time for homeowners to make some changes to protect their homes from its effect. Monsoon is a season that brings many problems to the house, such as leakage, odors, damage and many more. 

You can make many changes in your home by using modern home decor ideas. With regard to this, here we have shared some harmful factors that you should know when it’s about the monsoon season. And also what you can use to prevent these. 

Waterproof exterior

In the rainy season, the moisture in the ground can move upwards to the wall and may damage your exterior walls.

However, moisture seeps through the house’s exteriors and causes damp patches on the walls. Apart from the fact that these patches are impacting the health of your home, these would also make the home smell poor and damp and invite fungi & other insects.

You need to check for the damages and patches that are caused and then find a solution to cover it immediately. Another way to prevent the patches is to use waterproof paints on the walls. 

Also, those with enormous homes are needed to ensure that there must be no drainage blockage so that the rainwater can flow outside easily. 

Terrace with rainproof material

When we talk about modern home decor, it involves everything in the house. Not only can you focus on the interior of the house but also you need to focus on the exterior and the terrace section of your home.

Terrace plays an important role in rainy seasons. Therefore, you are required to use rainproof material on the terrace. When building a house, only you can ask the builder to use that material to prevent it from leaking.

You can also apply this material just before the monsoon season. As most homes in India have flat roofs, it is necessary to ensure that the rainwater drains smoothly. The first step towards waterproofing your terrace would be to make sure it is clean, and that water does not move anywhere when it rains. 

Fix blockage in the drainage

A functional drainage system is essential to prevent waterlogging in any house area. Ensure the stormwater drains outside the house are not blocked by debris or silt, and check the house’s drainage system for obstructions.

Typically, the local city authority available there will handle this. If this has not happened, file a complaint and have the job done as soon as possible.

Rearrange the kitchen with modern home decor ideas

In monsoon, the kitchen area is the most sensitive area you need to focus on. This is another area that needs your full attention during the rainy season as some of the kitchen’s food items have a higher risk of spoiling in the monsoon.

The use of glass jars instead of plastic containers and the use of airtight jars are always useful. To prevent infestation by worms or fungi, you might prefer sun-drying grains and pickles on sunny days. There should be no wet places in the kitchen.

Protect your cupboard

If you have a wooden cabinet, you must be more careful. Over time, materials left unused for an extended period may begin to smell. While the cabinets should be reorganized to safeguard your priceless linen and silk from damage, natural protection in pouches containing cloves and camphor can be put at various locations in the cabinet to combat the odor.


Use the modern home decor ideas to prevent your home from the monsoon effect and to make it more stylish. You can use many tips & methods that are in trend today to protect the house. 

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