NGROK – Expose localhost to the internet

NGROK – Expose localhost to the internet

As a developer, I usually face some challenges while working locally. Developing, testing; mainly mobile device testings, validating, you name it. The major challenge is to test some functionality that is only possible when it is in public IP or when I need to share a demo with the client.

I was looking for a solution for a while, and after some research work and patience, I came across NG ROK.


Now the question is, what is NG ROK? and how does it make my life easy ( just developers point of view 😉 )


NG ROK is an application that exposes our local server to the Internet. It was developed by Alan Shreve, who often goes by “Inconshreveable.”

What it does is, hosts our locally-hosted server on a subdomain of The best part for me is that it creates both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints, which helps us to test integrations with third-party services or APIs where it is necessary to have valid SSL/TLS domains.


NG ROK is super easy and FREE to use. Yes, you heard it right. IT IS FREE. You need to create an account, use Gmail or GitHub there, download it to your local windows/MAC-OS/Linux, unzip it, and run it with simple configuration commands in a few quick steps.



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