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Observe the Technological Change in Festival Celebrations!

The genuine significance of the festival celebrations has diminished over time as modernization and globalization have taken over our nation and made every action monetizable. 

Festivals used to be more accessible, allowing even those with modest resources to participate and enjoy the fun. Today the path of our celebrations has been impacted by the passage of time with the introduction of globalization & technology. 

The festivities’ activities vary from place to region in accordance with Indian culture and geography.

Here we are at the time of year when everyone is eager to celebrate the festivals and have a great time in their unique style. 

Some people are thrilled about the holiday discounts on shopping, while others want to go all out with decorations, get-togethers, mouthwatering treats, functions, etc.

We are all prepared to celebrate this holiday season. Additionally, we assert that we are all tech-savvy and that the development of technology has modernized us. 

Have we ever stopped considering that we have changed the way we celebrate festivals because of technological advancement? What part does technology play in how we observe holidays over the years? It’s okay if you haven’t yet. 

Considering the same question in the future? Cheer up, everyone and continue reading the blog to engage in some thought with us.

Our way of enjoying festivals is to change-

Since the beginning, people have always celebrated holidays with enthusiasm. These go back to the Ramayana and Mahabharata eras in antiquity. Even yet, the celebration methods would be different from those used today.

Our forefathers have been celebrating Dussehra by performing a ritual of burning Ravana Effigies with fireworks marking the destruction of evil. There has been an enormous difference between how our forefathers used to celebrate festivals and today how we celebrate the festival. Over time, we have indulged in using artificial ingredients to make things look extravagant.  

Role of technology in celebration-

After deep thinking, we have concluded that technological advancement has impacted the festival celebrations

Why not? Don’t you get the answer?

Let me explain how!

Just consider the era in which lanterns were used, and then consider how frequently they are used today during festivals. The majority of the products on the market are synthetic ones. 

We have a wide selection of clothing, food items & other goods. And how do you suppose such items in such large numbers are created in nations with such enormous populations? 

It would have taken a long time to create such amounts if it had been entirely human-made. However, our wonderful buddy technology has made it simpler to produce large quantities and distribute them to the masses.

Connected with people, but what about festival celebration culture?

Do you feel we contradict ourselves by suddenly edging closer to criticizing technology after praising it? 

Technology has been essential in bringing people together. Festivals, however, are what bring different cultures together. Yes, festivals are made possible by technology, and the spirit of celebration helps to reunify the many cultural traditions that make up a country.

If we look closely, we can see that commemorating holidays significantly positively impact daily social and personal concerns. It represents and exemplifies a strong sense of oneness in our country. While celebrating, people remain unified and engage in interpersonal relationships.


Technology has helped in connecting people, but festival celebrations are to get associated with culture as well. In this way, technology has a negative impact on everyone’s life.

Everyone who celebrates the festival is to show off to others how they are enjoying themselves. But, the truth behind this is they are not enjoying it. They are just living the day alone. 

SO, it is good to be a tech freak, but it is not good to ignore the celebrations or not connect with culture!

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