What are trends in fashion for children?

What are trends in fashion for children?

Shik The clothing and fashion  accessories business is growing marketplace rapidly in India.

In the current times, it is evident that there has been an increase in fashion  stylish, and parents are now looking to find the latest trends, innovations and comfort when they shop for their kids’ clothing and accessories.

In the last few months, the parents’ have demonstrated an increasing preference for brand-name clothing over local stores and want to find the widest selection of clothing for their kids at an affordable price.

A wide range of styles entices not only parents but also children. There was a time when fashion was just restricted to adults. Today, being fashionable is just as important for youngsters as it was for the adult population.

Although the market is overflowing with new brands as well as start-up initiatives in children’s accessories and apparel, We’re going to share with you some of the most recent trends expected to dominate the market during Spring Summer 2021.


Green & Earthy Tones

Modern colours natural tones like earthy and green are on-trend for 2021. To appear mature and adult-like, parents and children are likely to choose bright, vibrant shades of green, pink as well as coral, yellow and red, along with large clothes with wide armholes, layers of clothing as well as geometric cut.

Pastel shades paired with bright and vibrant shades are also becoming sought-after by parents.

Colours that are genderless and Unisex

The days of Pink was associated only with females, and blue colour was associated with males. Today, in the modern age, colour segregation is gone, and we live in a gender-neutral age.

The fashion sector has been putting in concerted effort to reach this goal of introducing and instilling the fashion of unisex that can help facilitate the same styles appropriate for kids of both genders. This will be evident in the clothing for kids market in the spring and summer of 2021.

This is another reason why pastel and earthy shades are preferred: they are deemed appropriate for kids of all genders and ages.


The idea of having the same set of clothes is one of the trends that is most anticipated this year in children’s clothing. The entire family is more inclined to dress in similar or identical clothes, which is the latest fashion.

The “family” look can be a source of joy for kids and give them a sense of belonging and a sense of unity. This type of fashion will aid in fostering the feeling of bonding with family members among the children.

Natural Textiles

When children have involved, the designers and parents prefer natural clothes that are comfortable due to the sensitive nature of children’s skin. They prefer fabrics that are soft, lightweight, strong, easy to hold, and stretchable to ensure that they do not hinder the children’s movement. Therefore, natural, eco-sustainable, and eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, jute and others will be the mainspring/summer 2021 fashions in the kidswear category.

Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns will dominate the apparel for children by 2021. The use of layers, geometric cut pleated designs, and asymmetry is expected to be more popular along with checks, stripes, abstract, geometric, floral arty, cartoonist prints. These will provide a bright, playful, and kid-like appearance.

Personalized and Comfortable Wear

In light of the continuing popularity of online courses and work-from-home classes, the work-from-home and stay-at-home segments have made a place for their own in the fashions industry.

Comfort is the main priority, and as a result, personalizing clothes will be trendy. Therefore, typographic prints along with playwear and beachwear, including colour block, relaxed shoulders, and clothes with lots of pockets, are expected to be sought-after by parents of the present generation.

In addition, sustainable dyed clothes with neutral tones and pastel colours in sportswear and neon colours metallic colours such as sequins and velvety fabrics will be essential in your kid’s clothing.


The fashion for children isn’t only limited to clothes but also part of accessories and footwear. The trend of styling kids in minimalist but stylish pieces is a trend that is expected to be seen during the spring and summer of 2021. Parents will favour designer belts, glasses, bags as well as shoes, hats etc., to enhance the style quality of their children. This is a crucial goal for parents to provide their children with a distinct appearance.


Every parent wants their child to be fashionable and stay up to date with the latest trends within the fashions world. They want to provide an array of clothes and accessories that will delight their children. It is notable that this trend isn’t limited to a particular segment of parents and is, in fact, an all-encompassing trend.

Parents are drawn to various designs, colours, styles, and natural fabrics. Hence, fashions industry players are working to adapt to the constantly evolving preferences of their customers. With the ever-changing preferences of parents and the ever-changing trends, the children clothing and accessories market concentrate on innovation in product design. They create stylish designs that satisfy the parents’ desire for their children to be dressed in the fashion-conscious avatar of a celebrity.

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