Why Select Blinds over Curtains for Windows?

Why Select Blinds over Curtains for Windows?

People use different ways including blinds to cover the windows to avoid excessive sunlight in the room. Before, they used curtains to protect the windows from controlling the sunlight & airflow.

After introducing blinds in the market, people chose these over the curtains. Earlier, they were used in offices and any professional place, but with the change in time, these are becoming the first choice of everyone when it comes to covering their windows.

But why do people choose these over curtains? Are you suffering from the same question?

There are several reasons for this. Have a look at the same!

It gives a perfect look.

Blinds such as vertical blinds, wood-look blinds and others are more appealing and give a modern touch to your room. If you are looking for an agency that can provide a modernist look to your house, contact the venluree blinds services.


Saves the space

Curtains are extended beyond the window frames and take up more space in your room. Whereas blinds are fit to windows as well, they don’t take up any more space in the room. These are a beneficial option for those homes that don’t have much space.

Organized way

Because blinds are fitted to the window frame, it is visible in a more organized manner. Curtains in a room have more layers & are in a look which looks more untidy.

They are more appealing than curtains as they give a more neat & tidy appearance. This helps you experience a clutter-free look in your house.

Blinds are easy to clean

Curtains are weighty when it comes to cleaning & after cleaning, and it isn’t very clear to identify the curtains of a particular window.

But they are very easy to clean, wooden blinds can be cleaned with a wet cloth & there is no need to remove them from the window when cleaning.

You can hire a blind cleaning service for the same.

More effective light control

Curtains can hold the light, but in the middle of the day, they allow some light to enter the room with their reflection, which is not acceptable when you have other options.

Blinds, when fully closed, do not allow any amount of light & air to enter the room. This is more beneficial for people who want complete protection.

Temperature controller

Some blinds behave like temperature controllers as they are thermal backed, which helps keep the temperature according to the weather conditions.

This facility is not available in curtains; if you choose them as the cover of your window, it will keep the room temperature as it is the outside temperature.

Various varieties are available.

Curtains have less variety available to everyone, and they may have different fabrics or patterns. But somehow, they seem similar to each other.

On the other hand, when we talk about blinds, they have varieties in them & each variety has a different style. You can choose the type of fabric, wood, style, design and others.

Complete your room decoration by adding the perfect blind cover for your window. Give your room a fancy look by contacting the venluree blinds services.

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